ManageByStats Review 2021 – Amazon Marketing Tool

A great feature used for Amazon sellers is ManageByStats. Personally, I believe this to be the Google Analytics of Amazon. We can get data regarding our business that can help us increase sales and is essential for a successful business.

What is ManageByStats?

This seller tool includes a range of features, but its central goal is to collect data about your Amazon sales. This data gets compiled into a report that helps you analyze your performance and figure out what is or is not working.

ManageByStats includes numerous features that can help you shape your business. First, you get a customizable dashboard that can provide you with statistics from different time periods. It will also notify users when they are running low on stock and gives insight into your profit.


The profit insight goes even more in-depth than just a number. Users have access to a profit calculator that breaks down all of the costs of being an Amazon seller. These costs range from sales tax to Amazon fees. The tool makes sure you know what you  have to pay and where the money is going.

Sellers can also view other insights regarding their business; you have access to statistics about marketing efforts and sales. Sellers can see what is popular with our consumers and what is not. All of this data is represented in graphs, making it visually appealing when trying to analyze the business.

Another prominent feature in ManageByStats is the access to databases that give reports on customer’s transactions. Sellers can look into what people want and where these products are going—allowing you to find where your target audience is and what they prefer to purchase. Sellers can learn more about their business by looking at these reports.

My favorite part of ManageByStats is the restocking forecast. This makes sure users never run out of products. Sellers will always be on top of sales and ready to provide for customers. This alert makes sure sellers know what they are running low on before having a chance to run out.

Another cool tool offered is Catapult. This gives feedback on how to increase growth. The input includes keyword scout, which lets sellers know what keywords their competitors are ranking for. The distiller feature narrows down numerous keywords into targeted words. Lastly, you have the wordsmith feature, which finds the best words to utilize for SEO.


Many tools can be quite pricey, but ManageByStats is reasonable and worth every penny. Prospective users get the option of a free 14-day trial, and the best part is, there is no credit card required. Meaning, you do not have to cancel the subscription before being automatically charged- which saves everyone a headache. 

After the trial, you can purchase the starter plan of $19.97 per month and includes benefits such as a product finder tool, keyword scout, keyword distiller, wordsmith, keyword tracking for 25 words, and free finder chrome extension.

The most popular package is the professional package that prices at $59.97 per month. The benefits include everything from the starter package plus profit dashboard, follow-up email autoresponder, customer database, transaction database, and numerous other benefits.

Additional Opinions

Now, you do not just have to take my word for the usefulness of this tool. Many users highlight ManageByStats functionally and accuracy in data. The data is easy to digest and helpful for the consumers. Sellers explain that ManageByStats replaces many tools because of how wide-spread the benefits of ManageByStats are. 

Final Thoughts

I believe ManageByStats is a useful tool for monitoring your business and for finding helpful insights. The price is reasonable for the added benefits provided by the tool. As a whole, ManageByStats can change the productivity of your small business.

Lastly, I love how a credit card isn’t required for using the free 14-day trial. It shows that the owners want you to actually love the tool rather than forcing you to purchase a month because you forgot to set the alarm.

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