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Optimizing Amazon A+ Content For Vendor Central Sellers

You’re a vendor on Amazon, congrats. This means you’ve caught the attention of Amazon in one way or another and you’re able to generate a media rich listing that will convert at a higher percentage than a regular Seller Central account. The task for new Vendor Central accounts/listings is how to maximize conversions and increase your sales and rankings.

optimizing Amazon A+ content for Vendor Central
The content section of Vendor Central listings is called “A+ Content”. They provide 12 different mini-templates and are aptly called, “A+ Modules”. These modules allow sellers to include the following types of content:
– Video
– Advanced text options
– Images
– Formatting options

Tactics for Increasing Amazon A+ Content conversion rates

Amazon A+ contentAmazon released a generic video trying to explain their “A+ Marketing Content” here: While it doesn’t go into detail, it shows the steps to getting started. More advanced tactics would be needed to optimize the content for sales and conversions.
For our clients, we test and retest. Split testing your product listing’s content is crucial to finding the maximum conversion rate. Things to test are:
– Ad copy
– Placement of video or image in the content
– Content of image or video
– Price
– Title
– Discounted pricing
– Bullet points
– Much more
Making ad copy compelling is crucial to your conversion rate. There is a sweet-spot for writing too much copy and too little copy. You have to convey your brand and help solve your customer’s problem/needs in as concise of manner as possible. We have some of the best ad-copy writers in the business and our client’s conversion rates back it up.

Amazon Marketing Services Optimization

Amazon PPC optimizationAmazon Marketing Services or AMS, is the PPC (pay per click) advertising platform for Amazon sellers. AMS works similarly to other PPC platforms like Google Adwords which allows sellers to bid on certain keywords and adjust cost per click. Vendor Central sellers actually have a more limited AMS platform than Seller Central sellers. VC doesn’t allow for multiple ad groups and has some limited reporting. We have developed work-arounds which allow us to optimize the AMS campaign and split test ads.
If you are an Amazon Vendor and are looking for help increasing sales and rankings of your products, contact us today at 972.955.5038 and we’ll give you a complimentary product audit and analysis of your competitors.

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