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[0:00] Augustas Kligys: Welcome back to Demo Monday series. Demo Mondays is a video series where we invite different Amazon sellers’ software creators, and we asked them to present their product just like this on the screen and today my guest is Sellgo. Sellgo is presented by Richard. Hello, Richard. 

[0:23] Richard: Hello Augustas. 

[0:24] Augustas Kligys: It’s nice to meet you, and could you please tell us very shortly? What is Sellgo and how does it help Amazon sellers?

[0:33] Richard: Yes. First of all, thank you very much for having me here. I’m so very excited to be here with you. So yeah, Sellgo we want to help Amazon wholesale sellers as well as Amazon private sellers. So, we want to help them to give them the idea like how do you really feel the resort, millions of products that you think that you can sell but actually, you need to look at the data. You don’t want to You don’t want to just jump into some speculation. So, we want to make sure that we process a big data for your business decision.

[1:11] Augustas Kligys: Perfect, and I know you have prepared a couple of slides to explain the idea behind your software. I think we can jump into the slides and later we will check how your tool looks for the end user?

[1:25] Richard: Sure. I want to introduce Sellgo to your audiences, Augustus. I’m the founder and CEO of Sellgo, and I’m happy to be here. We’re trying to create value for Amazon sellers. How do you get the idea from the competition analysis? How do you get the idea of new product to sell, of new product to create? Right? So basically, like the idea is very simple. Usually people start creating their private label by starting from their hobby. If your hobby let’s say is fishing, you might want to create a fishing rod, or fishing bait, but I mean, you can. That’s cool. Nothing is wrong about it. But we can start with a different way. There are a couple of different approaches and we want to bring one. It’s just like you can start with some like really well-known sellers or branded products that they’re selling very well. But there are millions of them and hundreds of millions of them. So, originally our solution is for the wholesale sellers that they can do filter and sort of these millions of UPC SKUs that they can find which one is profitable, and they can just order this product from the supplier or from the brand owners and they can put it in their marketplace. but right now we can also use this to see like what’s working, what’s not working for that product. So, this basically is the same idea that Amazon is working. So, they have the Amazon basics so from time to time. They have their own internal engine to see like, what kind of product is doing really well and they will take that product, they will create another Amazon basic version. So, we want to provide the same engine for everyone, for all of you guys that you can have the same engine that Amazon has for your own purpose for your own advantage of finding the new product to sell. Ways to sell on Amazon. This is something that we all know, private label wholesale. They are our audience. We want to help you guys and then offer austerity selling Amazon is very easy, its scouting and sourcing, either wholesale you want to source from the US base supplier. Or if you’re selling in Europe, you want to sell in your domestic supplier or you’re selling private label, you want to serve someone from China and then you want to buy and then you want to sell. So, for our scouting. I mean it’s a little bit different. I mean you can start with product scouting, you can go to Alibaba or similar platform, you can find millions of items and you scratch your head, like, how do I really start? How do I know how? Private label is a very, relatively high-risk business, because you really need to know what you’re doing. Unless you are very experience, I think you want to start small and then we have different way to start profitable, we can analyze sellers, we can analyze what’s working in their product, and you can kind of copy and make it your own. So, be very careful of not copying other people’s product not copied exact, but copy and make it your own. And then we can analyze all the buy box in that product in that branded products. We can analyze the competitive sellers just to know like what’s the high and low price. We can analyze the sales rank for that product and then sourcing. So, this is mainly for the wholesale, but for your benefit you can modify with your own flow. This is one of the big questions for Amazon sellers. I mean for Amazon wholesalers, like they have too much potential products or sell. I think it’s almost the same similar with private label that you’re seeing like too many things, you’re thinking that you want us to sell everything. Then you realize by the end of the day, you cannot, or you your vs cannot. Then you start to kind of like losing grab of like, what matters, what’s important to look from the data. So, we want to help you to automate the system for you there. So, you will like you can start with something like it’s really profitable. Or you can start with really driving high ROI. Or like you can start with something with like, you can feel the right sort like oh, this one is having a big review. We can do that for you. So, let me go quickly to the software. So, let me start with this. This is mainly how we do it wholesale and this serial distributed. So, in here I have a lot of UPCs, a lot of the costs of goods sold, the product costs. Then I have 35,000 products. So basically, I sourced this from local distributor. Then I put it in the system I uploaded, I put all of the KPIs at the name and everything and this is what I see here. 22 is sort of Amazon. So, we have a couple of minutes here, but we have a lot of things and this is making profit for wholesale right. So, I’m showing only 200 here for the sake of simplicity, and then we can start with by you know, sorting by profit. So, for wholesale sellers, they will try to sell this for you guys profit labelers, you can track it. So, this one is a snapshot, its one-time run, you can track it into a product tracker that you can see more KPIs for your business purposes. So, let me do revenue breakdown. So, basically you can sort based on different things in here. Rank, right. Okay. Then you can download the spreadsheet file in here. Then you can track it here. Track. Okay, let me jump into the product tracker, what does it do? So, inside the product tracker, you can see that we have, you can import from product finder, you can also import it from Amazon, you can put NC in URL, whatever. Then we have a lot of KPIs here. You can see it and then we are still developing some more KPIs to show. Then let’s start with something, this is my favorite, so I just got a newborn, actually, last week, our second newborn, so I love to look for baby stuff at this point, I still have some of them from my first son. But you know, we’re looking for a lot of different baby cribs. So, this one is one of the items that I was going to buy. And Amazon is selling it, you can see here and this is another seller, and this is their inventory level. So, basically what we want to see from the inventory level, you can compare different sellers, and then you can have a quick idea of what is their market share. We are still developing something that you can compare different sellers. Let’s say you’re selling one baby crib mattress, and in, you have 50 competitors sharing the same keywords or whatever it is. So, you have 50 competitors, right? And then you want to know like what exactly I mean, even before you sell it, you want to know like who are they exactly? You can find it because you know exactly, how the product works. You want to know their market share, you want to know that review comparison, things like that. So, we are doing that. So, that’s kind of like one of the easier ways to explain like, why you want to do a find tracking. Right. So, let me go back into my slide. This is the filter search track and this is the competition analysis and I think we still have a many different features. That is very, super useful for the wholesale sellers that mainly they’re in here. So, we can refill the sales equity because in wholesale mainly we want to jump into a buy box, right? And inside the buy box are like already, like let’s say five people selling or 10 sellers in there, right. But how many are competitive so we can kind of like refill your sales equity. We can have like refill different kind of thing into wholesale. But I mean, mainly for this, the benefit of private label sellers, that we are trying to make sure that this tracking can bring a huge value for all of you guys. Thank you.

[10:13] Augustas Kligys: All right, thank you very much, Richard, it was interesting to see that you are serving not only Amazon’s private label sellers, but also wholesalers. But let’s look a little bit more into the interface of your software. How do we add new products? Do we need to provide an ASIN or we do uploads or we provide the Amazon link? Could you explain a little bit and walk us through?

[10:40] Richard: Oh sure. I will be happy to do that. So, inside the product finder, this our service management, so in here, if you can see in the top right, you can add new search. So, basically, for right now, for current time being you just need to put something in here. Let’s say new and then find the marketplace and just drop the file. Let’s say I dropped this find file, and the next and then this will. For right now we are working to enable more data identifier, not as UPC. It’s going to be more than just UPC, ASIN and things like that. Then especially EAN for Europe, and then we can just do next. So, this will upload, this will tell you exactly like, if there is any mistake in the file because some of the files don’t have a correct identifier or something like this as an UPC. So, the system will tell you and then when it is uploaded, you can wait a little bit and then this will run in the background for you. So, see, you can tell the error file. You can check like what’s the error message in here is like redundant UPC or like a invalid UPC or something else. This will work for ASIN as well. Moving forward and just upload, boom, and then just close it. This will just run in here, running in the background right, and then that’s from here after you open it, we just go with the interface here, and then, give me one second, took a while to show 22,000 items with something like 36% is possibly profitable. But again, this is a snapshot for the current time being and then you can track from here. So, once you track it, this will go into the product tracker in here. This the product tracker. So, this is something that you know, I already prepared in advance some of the products we know we can show some of the KPIs in here. Then we will have more and more filter preset. So basically, you want to run your Amazon business as if you want to order something from Yelp. If you order something from Yelp, you want to see what was the open for lunch, you want to eat some Chinese food, you want to eat some Brazilian steak, Indian food. So, basically just click in here. So, it works the same with us. Or you want to add your new ASIN. So, let me go into this product here. You can click here you can scout to Amazon directly. You can see like, there are like many different things in here. You can see the most important thing in inside the Sellgo product tracker. Then if you want to add new items, so basically, let me find something with high reviews. So, this one, so basically just copy the ASIN, and then put it in here, add product and just select the product. Let me create a new group, track now and then you can create a new group and it will be like inside the new group. So, this is the item and then you need to wait for like at least 24 to 48 hours before you start to see all of the KPIs showing in here. Right. So, actually, that’s as easy as that. You can move to different groups. You can move the priority of the KPI, you can drag and drop from here, and then you can show for items in here. You can go back in time to see like, is this a week in time or a month, a year, things like that. So, we try to make it very intuitive for our users.

[15:06] Augustas Kligys: Thank you very much and are in your interface you show that you selected, is your tool already functioning in some other marketplaces of Amazon?

[15:17] Richard: For now, we are still serving We are working very hard to serve horizontal marketplaces, because we are seeing like a surge of new Amazon sellers from everywhere in the world. So, it’s an amazing time to provide more marketplaces. But yeah, we are working very hard to help all of you guys.

[15:40] Augustas Kligys: All right, could you please introduce us to the pricing of Sellgo, so that we get an overview, what are the packages on offer and what they have to pay and what they get?

[15:51] Richard: So, basically, we have a very simple pricing. So basically, we have a basic plan with limited product tracker and we have a pro plan with more product tracker, you can upload as many files as you want in here. So, right now it’s really a good deal. I think paying like $99 per month, you can extract like, millions of opportunities and you can with the right decision, you can monetize this to be easily something hundred times more than your investment here per month.

[16:29] Augustas Kligys: Perfect and I see the chat bubble on the at the bottom of your website. So, I can imagine that for existing users. This is how they get help, right? Yeah, perfect. 

[16:39] Richard: You can put any question you have in here. We’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible. I mean, just try the free trial. I mean, it’s 14 days, free trial, and no credit card required. Even if you don’t like it, I mean for another 14 days, I mean, we can give you your money back.

[17:01] Augustas Kligys: Thank you very much Richard and I know that Sellgo prepared some offer for Demo Mondays viewers. This offer you will find below just check the links and information below this video in the description. Now thank you so much Richard for being here, for introducing us to Sellgo and good luck in your business. Bye bye.

[17:21] Richard: Thank you very much Augustus. Bye.

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