What we do?


At Amazon SEO Experts, we pride ourselves on being the oldest and most successful Amazon marketing agency. We have proven our worth to clients across the globe. Why risk hiring an agency that can’t show you past clients? Take a look below at some of our successful clients.



Roscoe Medical Tens 7000

We stepped in with Roscoe Medical to create a listing for their TENS 7000. When we began, there were other products that were very established with over 1,000 reviews and completed listings. A couple of years on, the TENS
7000 is the dominant TENS unit on Amazon with over 6,000 reviews and 800 questions answered. Roscoe Medical is now well established on Amazon and is generating revenue like no other channel and getting more brand awareness than before.

HiBoost Cell Signal Booster

Working with HiBoost as an upstart, we got them onto Amazon. We created their listing, added content and optimized for rankings. Leveraging AMS, lightning deals, and off-site PPC, we ranked their product on the first
page for the top keywords. During the first year, Amazon sales for their
product went from $0/mo to over $100,000/mo.